Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The mountain air without a care!

This was this past weekend up Provo canyon at Squaw Peak. I had such a fun time with some old friends.

Life is going pretty good lately. we have had some really great news! My last treatment I went down to St. George instead of just Cedar City and got my second PET scan. (this is a scan where they light up the cancer in my little body and it glows!) We got the results back from that and Dr. Haslem said the cancer is no longer visible in my body on the scan!! what good news! but now let me give you the lowdown on how the scans work...
I went ahead and drew you all the nice cancer graph my dr drew for me at my last visit (I quite like it if I do say so myself) so as the treatments and time goes by my cancer goes progressively down. Of course it starts to grow back a little bit before the next treatment (thus you can see it going up a little bit every time) but that nice dotted line there is the line of visibility the PET has in a cancerous body. So for me we know my cancer has gone away so much that it is below that line. I still have 7 more treatments to go because they want to make sure to get everything. even the microscopic pieces. BUT to know it is really working and working well is such a blessing.

Well work is going good. Vivint is treating me very good and paying me good money that I am hoping to put into savings. I actually got a $50 bonus today for not missing any work for a certain amount of time. (I dont mind that one bit) The theatre camp is coming along too. My co-director (tasha) and I put on a big 2 day yard sale to raise money for the camp space rental, T-shirts, and other camp related purchases. We had a really great turn out. We raised over $700! It was well worth it. But I will say that I will NEVER put on another yard sale again. The gathering, pricing, and moving of things was so hard. If it wasnt for a fundraiser I dont know if I would have followed through with it. Oh man so for those people who put on those sort of thing all the time, I shall forever be amazed!

This weekend my family and I are going to our cabin in Strawberry UT! It is going to be such a great time to relax and enjoy ourselves. My cabin is probably one of my all time favorite places to be. It is nothing but absolutely beautiful and peaceful! I will have to post some pictures! (and yes I know I didnt put pictures of my last treatment yet. I was in St. George so I didnt have my usual routine that I wanted to put on... I will though!)

Okay, real quick! I was accused the other day at work of not actually having cancer! I love it! I must have made a joke of some sort blaming my cancer on some little task I had to do, and one of my co-workers says, "You know, I dont think you actually have cancer! You really dont even act like it." and another girl just today was so surprised when I told her I couldn't take her shift and work longer than 4 hour shifts at a time. (because sometimes on those bad days, its pretty tough just getting through those 4 hours) She didn't know I had any troubles at all while I was at work (is what she said visibly). And I am SO happy these people think this! It means I am doing a very good job at not letting my cancer effect anything that I do!! that I can still go to work and have fun and be me! and any sort of struggle I might be facing doesnt come off. A great thing I have learned about that too is the wonderful concept of "Act as if and it will be." It is sort of the "fake it till you make it" mentality. But I feel it is a real gospel truth. And I have had it personally manifested to me while going through this chemo. I will not feel very good before I head to work. I will put on a pretty good "face" of happiness and carefree-ness (haha) and before I know it, I really am feeling that way. The pains or struggles fade away and I forget myself for a while. And I dont really think about it again until I am driving home from work and it all kind of rushes back to me. And at those moments I am so grateful for the "act as if" principle. I have used it so so many times these past few months. Probably daily. And it is real. I know it really is the Lord helping me because I am trying to help myself. And I will try to take advantage of that as much as I can.

Well I am going to have a wonderful weekend before I go in for my 6th treatment (HALF WAY) and I couldn't be more excited. Life really is so wonderful and the things we experience are definitely NOT an accident! Have a fantastic week! (: