Friday, August 9, 2013

THAT time already?

Is is really THAT time???  Yes..........yes it is!!

I will be on Southwest flight 1723 coming in Salt Lake at 7:30 pm Tuesaday the 13th!!
There will be many tears......but what a experience it's been!

One thing I can promise.....we have given it our ALL!!

Young Performance Missionaries, Nauvoo Summer 2013

Saturday, August 3, 2013

An Apostle visits......

What a wonderful week we've had. I mean, of course, it is getting so hard. We are all kind of falling apart physically. Sicknesses are coming back and fatigue is taking over our mind control haha but we know with the Lord we are sustained and we can do all things!

This last week Elder Dallin H. Oaks came to town!! He was here for a family reunion and not on church business or anything. We didn't want to bother him much so when my companion and I saw him at pageant we tried to steer clear for his sake. But this last friday he came and gave all of us missionaries a training meeting! It was SO good. It was kind of like a college lecture a bit but I didn't mind. It was very historical. He mostly spoke on money problems the church had right around the death of Joseph Smith and the turmoil between Emma and Brigham Young. It was very intriguing. ANd he also randomly spoke on the holy ghost. It was great to see and hear an Elder of the Twelve speak when it wasnt conference. I was curious as to how it would be, but he was still just as eloquent and smart as ever but to have it be more personal and fun was so nice. His cute little wife spoke too for a bit and she is just a doll!!

After the meeting they actually came to our performance of "just plain Anna-Amanda'! I was totally shocked! He was in the back row and I now play the hostess and granny in the beginning opener act for the show on top of being mamma in the actual show.  I called on his wife for a game we were playing when she raised her hand. It was fun!!

Then after the show they all came out and were bombarded by people of course. He was surrounded by family too which was cute but he found me in the crowed and shook my hand and actually hugged me. Maybe he forgot you're not supposed to hug a sister missionary haha. but I suppose an Apostle can do whatever he wants. haha then we got a picture or two with him! I tried not to be an obsessed groupie so I hope I did well.

So that evening, (I suppose friday was my big day of events) after Sunset by the Mississippi long story short one of my fellow sister missionaries and I (Sister Porter) actually gave out a Book of Mormon! It was the most incredible experience. I just happened to be with her talking to this cute couple on the front row after the show. I don't have much time to go into the conversation but they seemed like they were SO ready to hear and accept the gospel! In my heart my thought was "JUST GET BAPTIZED ALREADY" Everyhing they were saying was exactly what we hope people to feel while they are here! It was incredible!

I have a bitter sweet feeling about leaving here so soon. It is so sad to leave such a beloved and sacred place. And to be done being a missionary. I am going to be so sad to no longer wear a nametag, but I am so grateful to be where I am because I have learned so much! I think and hope I have changed and grown to be an even better person than I was before. ANd I am so much more confident in talking about the gospel randomly now to people. I can take all these attributes home with me and apply them.

I love you all and I love this gospel!