Thursday, July 5, 2012

A small trip to the center... (:

Hi there! It has surely been a little bit. I have just been busy as a be! (: I had my last treatment on Monday, the 2nd of July. And that one is number 7! only 5 more to go! I almost cant believe it. So we are all very happy about that. These last two weeks before this treatment I was in the middle of my wards youth conference, which went so very well! I was pretty nervous for my part (a testimony workshop and all the music) but I think it worked out! I mean the kids said I did a pretty good job so I will take their word for it. (even if they didnt mean it.) it took a bit out of me though. So I had to have a couple days to re-coup from that. But overall it was very worth it. I also have been continuing to work hard on my Youth Theatre camp. We have had two different days of registration at the Peteetneet for parents to come pay their registration fees, and now we are finishing all the final touches for our first day next Tuesday!! Oh man! I am getting so nervous for it. But still very excited.
So I have pictures from my last visit to the Cedar City's treatment center. Maybe some of these will make some people feel a bit.. uncomfortable? so I am sorry if that is you and you can just skip the photo section. (:

Okay so this is me. In my nice big recliner in the treatment center. getting ready to be poked with the needle.

This is one of my favorite nurses Jamie! She is just so sweet and funny! her and I always have a good time!

This is Jamie and one of my best fellow treatment patients Wanda! She is the greatest lady! She has colin cancer and is going strong on her treatments. Her and I laugh and talk so much! That is her husband but he usually leaves because he doesnt like needles all that much.

Okay so this is how the port works. It is just under my skin and that is the needle that gets poked through my skin to it. I always think it looks like a dragonfly! but Dont worry it doesnt hurt when they poke me! We have this awesome cream that numbs the area before we get to the center.

So that is the treatment center. It is a pleasant place to be. I am currently making Wanda a bracelet that has her cancer "colors" in them. (blues). and she was making me some crocheted pot holders! they are so beautiful! and Since my cancer "color" is green, she made them green for me. I dont think I want to use them at my house in Cedar City with my roommates, they might get too messy. I'll save them for when I have my own house. 
So these last two days since treatment have been pretty crazy hard for me. Luckily I have one of the greatest friends in the world at my work and he got me the 4th of July off WITH pay. I can't believe he did that for me. It was so nice! So for my 4th I just stayed at home and watched American Pickers all day. Speaking of, I have to say that American Pickers has been one of my best friends on days that I just have to rest. I am not ashamed to admit I watched the entire second season in a two day time span. If you havent seen it, you cant knock it till you try it! Very historical. Very good. 
So that is a bit from me from my last few weeks. A lot of fun thins have been going on with the stressful (fun hang outs, dates, etc) So overall I cant complain.
I will say that I KNOW the Lord has a hand in all things. And he uses his servants to help his other children in their times of need. I personally had an experience that expresses this just today. Our job is just to be receptive to His spirit and do what He would want of us at all times, in all things, and in all places. I love Him and hope to do His will.
Work hard. Play harder! And do what you know is right!!!