Monday, June 10, 2013


Oh my goodness!!!! My mother surprised me this week!!!! It was THEE most happy day!
I was told that no family member could make it out to Nauvoo. Period. But friday night, as we were doing the trail of hope, I was playing Sally Randall and we had many groups coming through. On about the 7th group I was told we only had about 3 more groups to go. I did my vignette as normal but as the group was walking away two people were oddly hanging behind. It was all but dark outside and I couldn't quite make out the faces. Once my eyes adjusted I saw a broken arm and a famialiar face. It was my mom and my Aunt Laura!!

What a blessing! It was a total miracle and surprise! They barely made it to come see the trail of hope and stayed until today. They got to come see our Nauvoo singers group, both casts of our High Hopes performances and our Sunset By the Mississippi. They weren't too distracting but around just enough that her presence was spectacular. I LOVE her! And I am forever grateful that she and my aunt could make it out.

Back to work. This week has been pretty great, like most weeks, but I felt a very large sense of unity especially this week. Our cast A (which has half of our group) has really come together to learn new songs and new "group" type of things to do and say together. I love them.

We got to go on the Community of Christ tour of the Joseph Smith's historic home site today. It was interesting to get the tour of Joseph's Mansion house and his original house with Emma. And also the Smith's Family Cemetery. It was great! But it was noticeable that the spirit wasn't very much present. They were very thorough and very informational tours, but the spirit that we constantly try to convey in every tour and every performance on the LDS side of Nauvoo was not present.

I love our church. and I KNOW it is true!

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