Thursday, May 2, 2013

And off to Nauvoo I go... (:

So... I am a very irresponsible human and haven't written in almost 10 months. Well.. in a nutshell, I am cancer free. I finished all of my treatments on September 10th and have gone back to school at SUU and am SO happy. I auditioned yet again for the Young Performing Mission in Nauvoo Illinois for this summer and made it again. I am leaving tomorrow morning and will be using this blog for keeping anyone who is interested updated on how I am doing. I am terribly excited!! So... I am sorry I haven't kept up with this BUT I will be better this summer (because my wonderful mother will help transfer all my adventures out there on here) This really is such a monumental time for me. Reading back on just a few short blog posts ago, I am reminded about how hard it was for me to not be able to fulfill this calling, and now, I have the wonderful opportunity of getting a second chance. Thank you for all the love and support from everyone! I really have felt the prayers of everyone and really apprecite the concern and compassion for me. I will be back in 3 and a half months... See you later!

The church is true. (:


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