Sunday, May 19, 2013

First email from Nauvoo!

Hi Everyone,
 Life is going so well here! It is hot and humid like they said it would be. But the spirit here is SO strong! It is such a wonderful experience to be surrounded by the spirit constantly and in such a high quanitity.
Wearing a name tag has been so powerful. I didn't know that I would feel the love and passion and responsibility I do when I wear it. It's funny, the first week or two, I kept having these weird freak thoughts of, "Oh no! Where is my phone?" and then of course I remembered I didn't have one and it was okay. But recently, we have to take off our badges when we dance on stage and stuff, so when I don't have it on, often times I find my self grabbing at my neck thinking, "Oh no! Where is my name tag?"
Our rehearsals are going well. This is our last week of practicing and we open on Saturday! We open everything! Our mainstage musical "high hopes and riverboast" (which has two casts), our little kids show we do twice a day called "Just plain Anna-Amanda" (also with two casts), our evening show called "Sunset by the Mississippi", and also a vignette we do in the twilight hour (favorite time of day RUINED by the movies) called "The Trail of Hope" We each have a real person we are portraying while we stand on the side of the street called parley street (also known as the trail of hope), that is the street all the saints left out of as they were leaving Nauvoo. So it is a very powerful thing we get to do every other night. There are two casts for those too so I have two parts. I am a girl named Sally Randall in the first one. A woman in her 20's who has a husband and family who have to leave Nauvoo, I recite a letter she wrote to her family back in england about leaving, and in cast B I play Eliza R. Snow. What a priviledge. I get to sing a song she wrote the lyrics for: hymn #122 "Though Deepning Trials" accompanied by a single violin, It is absoutely beautiful. So things sure are moving quick here! But I couldn't be happier.
The spirit runs our rehearsals every day. We will be moving right along and some weird feeling will creep in, or we will start getting worn out and not be performing so well, so we will have a prayer, and amazingly, the bad feeling leaves or we perform just perfect after that. It is amazing what a prayer can do. My testimony of that has grown much more as well.
I am usually pretty good at being obedient about our bedtime, but last night I stayed up a bit later and was talking to one of my sisters here. We talked for a long time about The Savior and our Heavenly Father and the second coming. My testimony of the love and caring that those heavenly beings have for me PERSONALLY has grown so much. I decided I just cant wait until the second coming. It is going to be such a miraculous time.

Love, Samae

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