Saturday, July 6, 2013

from June 23rd....HALF WAY

We had the opportunity to go to the mission presidents house today for lunch (Just our district) and we got to talk with him and his wife for a long time afterwards. They told us their whole story of how they met and got married and such it was a fun time. I get to work with some really amazing people out here! The very best.

And seeing BJ was the GREATEST surprise ever!!! I can't believe how much I missed him since I've been gone. People here think it is SO funny that he calls me Sally... that has never sounded strange to me but I suppose it is pretty odd. I loved him being here though.

Vocal Point is here this week. It's pretty funny, they walk around in the EXACT same clothing everywhere they go. It is pretty cute to see so many A Capella b-boys running around. We heard a snippet of a song today of theirs and it was great. They are nice and they can really sing! I'm excited to hear them tonight in the fireside though (They are performing for us) and then we get to see them on tuesday after Sunset by the Mississippi do their show.

we have officially reached the half way mark. Yesterday was day 51 out of 102 days here. It is crazy that it is half way over. Elder Camp said this second half is going to fly by twice as fast as the first half... and I am determined to not have any regrets on the last day. Focus. Focus. Focus!! It will be great. And I am going to be the best missionary I can be. first a missionary, then a performer. Thats what I'll be

love, sister smith

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