Saturday, July 20, 2013


Pageant started this week! It is such a great show! I love being able to be a part of it all. We are in 2 big dance numbers and thats all but it is awesome. We come on for the "welcome" dance and I do some big lift things in it. Then we are also in the "Evening" dance where I get to do some "Scottish fling" dancing! I love it! It is such a priviledge to work with such amazing people. The people in the core cast is pretty much who I want to be when I grow up! Maybe someday I will be like Aurora and Jeff Dickamore. haha they are so wonderful! (They play Robert and Becky Laird in the show from Scottland) Anyway it is such a good old time and I LOVE working with the family casts! At first I thought it would be pretty difficult to work with kids and teens and stuff but they really are so great! At the end of one dance we have to get into a "family prayer circle" for the close of the scene and last weeks "red" cast I was with the Barns family and they were so nice. Last night was their last night and this week the new cast is starting the shows (They do two week rotations then switch out the families) and I am now in a prayer circle with the Woods and the Hills. Sounds funny eh? just wait and me and Elder Black are in their group so the Woods and the Hills are with the Blacks and the Smiths... Yes indeed what a funny happenstance. It is truly a wonderful experience. Even if we perform on a 45 degree raked stage. It's a hoot


So since we are only in 2 dance numbers we have a good amount of time to sit and talk behind the outdoor stage. We have started to have wonderful deep gospel discussions. It is so great. Last night we talked about how to keep our focused outwards and serving the Lord and the people who come here in the midst of self obsorbing duties here such as how our acting is or how our singing is or our costumes or hair or attitude. It really is a hard balance.

Elder Partridge gave a wonderful analogy, how in a regular full time mission if the world was a music store, we would be the man behind the counter helping those who come into the store searching for truth, and fixing instruments, but on this mission, we are the instruments itself. We are brought into the store, we are tweeked and worked on until we sound just right so we can continue to make the music the Lord would have us make. We both have the same goal but our roles are different. Anyway I have to go now but it was a wonderful analogy.

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